Top tips for furnishing your student digs

Top tips for furnishing your student digs

Living in student accommodation is truly a unique experience. 3am fire alarms, mid-week parties and suspicious-looking pans in the kitchen sink – who said these aren’t the best days of our lives! 

Still, there’s nothing like having a space you can call your own, so why not make it the best it can be. Turn your university digs into your personal refuge with these key furnishing tips. 

Extension cables 

First things first- power! 

Chances are, you’ll need to work around what little furniture is already in your room, and plug sockets can be very hit or miss, especially in older houses.  

This simple electrical accessory frees you up to arrange your room however you like. Think about where you want your bed and desk to be and get your power supplies where you need them first. Then your computer, lamp, phone charger and anything else you need can be exactly where you’ll use it – perfect. 

Storage solutions 

Storage doesn’t have to get complicated- all you need are boxes you can tuck away to keep the place feeling clean and organised. Under-bed storage is great, both for keeping clothes to hand and last-minute tidying, and drawer sectionals help keep the sock situation from getting too chaotic.  

Organisation doesn’t have to take too much effort either, just keep your study books and papers in their own desk tray for a stress-free workspace. You’ll appreciate it when the deadlines start creeping up! 


Screwing shelving into the wall is usually frowned on in student accommodation. The solution bookshelf! 

A bookshelf is the best way to show off your interests, taste in fiction, prized trophies, and anything else that gives you a bit of joy. It also helps keep clutter off your desk and provides useful shelves for small items.  


Colourful and cosy, a rug instantly gives a more homely feel to your room. Plus, it brings a bit of style to the boring flooring and covers up any stubborn carpet stains quite nicely! 

Flatweave or low pile rugs are the easiest to clean, but there’s no harm in getting something thick and fluffy to greet your feet every morning. 

Coffee table 

If you’re lucky enough to have a living room, a simple coffee table makes all the difference.  

Great for sharing takeaways or playing all kinds of games, from ones involving bottles to late night D&D, that central surface totally changes how you use the room for the better. 

Pro tip: find a coffee table with drawers to avoid losing any living room necessities.  


Replace that one glaring ceiling light with some smaller lamps to make your room feel cosier and more personal. A desk lamp is essential for studying – and some small coloured lights are a great way of adding some flair to your space. 

String lights are a student staple for good reason, they’re cheap and look great, but if that cutesy style isn’t really your thing, a floor lamp does the job beautifully. 

Surviving student life isn’t the challenge it might seem at first. You’ll meet some fantastic people and learn a lot about how you like to live. One final recommendation though ear plugs. We’ll say no more!

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