Top Decorating Tips for a Small Homes

Top Decorating Tips for a Small Homes

With apartment life on the rise and more of us living in small homes, we know the struggle of styling a compact space. But minimalism isn’t the only solution!  

Personalise your space with these simple ideas to spruce up your home, no matter the size. Think small and dream big with these tips for a gorgeous space.  

First- declutter! 

To let your style to really shine, the first step is to get rid of clutter. Bits and bobs that get left around interrupt the feel of a room, so before you think about design, make sure everything is in its right place.  

Use a large rug 

A large rug of any kind will make your room appear bigger, so find one in your favourite style and let it set the mood! Light or dark, plain or patterned, it grounds your room and doesn’t break up the floor, making the space feel unified and bigger as a result.  

Plus, it really does give a sense of grandeur and confidence. 

Let there be light! 

Lighting is an easy way to bring life and character to your room.  

If you have large windows, make the most of them! Avoid dark, thick curtains, and look for something light and translucent instead to give a soft glow to your room.  

If natural light isn’t in abundance, interior lights are your friend. A well-placed floor lamp is a powerful move as both a light source and a statement piece of décor. If floor space is precious, wall-mounted lights are an excellent solution.  

Mirror, mirror… 

Struggling to light that space in the corner? Hallway looking a bit dingy? Mirrors are the answer 

A statement mirror is a gorgeous piece which makes any space feel instantly bigger. With styles to suit any décor, mirrors easily create a feeling of clean sophistication – beautiful. 

Work with your space 

Having a light, open space is one way to go, but it’s not the only method to make a small room look good! Leaning into the size of your room can work wonders and create something truly special to come home to.  

If you like to cosy up in a cave of creature comforts, surround yourself with darker colours and warm lighting features to give an inviting sense of closeness and intimacy. Rich colours and dark, muted walls look fantastic, especially when offset with some metal accessories.  

Instead of choosing a bulky side-table, consider mounting a small shelf by your sofa to keep the space open. Nesting tables are another convenient way to keep your tea close by without hogging valuable leg room. 

Decorate upwards 

Take your décor to new heights for a grand sense of scale 

Install your curtain rods right near the ceiling to make the whole room appear taller, then double the effect with some floor-length curtains. 

Show off your art by creating a gallery wall and stretch their placement up the height of the room. This leads the eye up and around the space and gives you the chance to put your personal style on show. 

Keep it balanced 

No matter what aesthetic you love, balance is key. A statement wall is bold and powerful, but most effective when set against a light, neutral colour. Contrast always makes a bigger impact.  

If you’re overwhelmed with patterns and colours, remember this: Always stick to a 2:1 ratio. Keep the most interesting features in the minority and they’ll always stand out. 

And remember, however you decide to decorate your space- have fun with it! 

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