Kitchen Window Decor Ideas!

Kitchen Window Decor Ideas!

Also, being one of the most functional and practical areas of the house, window treatment is the only way to add softness to the whole space, changing the entire look and feel of the room. Here are the 6 kitchen window treatments that will add a touch of pretty into the space.

1. Faux Wood Blinds

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love - Faux Wood Blinds

Most houses have windows over the sink, which implies water splatters are inescapable. Hence it bodes well to pick a window treatment that is easy to clean. Enter faux wood blinds! Faux wood blinds can bear water stains and can be wiped off easily with wet fabric and offer a classic, refined look to your kitchen.

2. Shutters

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love - Shutters

The beauty of kitchen shutters is the ease with which they can be operated. You can close and slant the slats when in need of privacy, or open them to let natural light in. In case your kitchen opens out to a beautiful view, or you want to look outside while cleaning or cooking, you can also fold your screens back comfortably against the divider for a better view.

3. Roman Shades

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love - Roman Shades

If you are looking for a stylish kitchen window treatment, then Roman shades are for you. This versatile style of window treatment adds a contemporary and relaxed vibe to the kitchen. The best part is that you can mount them both inside or outside your window frame.

4. Peel-and-stick window film

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love

If you are tired of drapes or maybe a nosy neighbor who’s moved in, or you are staying in a rented apartment and can’t drill holes on the walls, peel and stick window film may be the answer to your problems. These days you get a whole lot of options online. Just browse and see what will work well.

5. Rollers

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love

Rollers can neatly fit into any window and when folded up into the casing, lighten up the room and your mood.

6. Tea Towels

6 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Will Love

Hanging tea towels on the windows puts to use something that is already available in the kitchen. Moreover, when dirty, they can be taken down and tossed into the washing machine.


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