Escape into luxury with Earthen Luxe

Escape into luxury with Earthen Luxe

Get away from it all by embracing the relaxing atmosphere of the natural world in your home.

This minimalist style gives us a welcome break from the fast-paced and overly tech-reliant modern world. However, just because this look fully embraces the earth, it doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious.

In fact, quite the opposite. Earthen luxe is as bold and captivating as it is down to earth. It’s the perfect blend of glamour and nature.

Getting the look involves embracing the raw and the rugged. This means using wood, stone, rattan, linen, and other natural elements. The look embraces all of this without having the raw and unfinished appeal of industrial design. Instead, it exudes luxury.

Go against the grain

Whether it’s polished to perfection or raw in its natural glory, wood brings a calming, natural touch to your space.

The use of wood adds to the minimal aesthetic and Scandi influence of this look.

With these qualities, wood is best used in the living room. A perfect way to bring wood into your living without having to tear out the carpet to reveal the wooden floorboards below is with wooden furniture. More specifically, wooden storage.

A large wooden storage piece such as the Layton media unit or the Bordeaux sideboard brings a sizable chunk of wood into your home in an easy and immediately transformative way.

Rock On

From handmade terrazzo to luxurious marble, stone brings a naturally glamorous look to the home.

Stone can be used to give your space a fresh, clean look when used with bigger pieces such as Aria cross marble console table or set atmospheric lighting using the Indra floor lamp, with luxe gold accents.

Stone is also perfect for subtly layering throughout the home through the use of smaller accessory pieces such as the terrazzo candle holder or set of 4 gold edge white marble ceramic coasters.

A Touch of Glamour 

Adding the “luxe” to “Earthern Luxe”, gold, brass, and copper accents add the finishing touch to this sophisticated style.

They help transform the home from being a minimalist Scandi or boho style interior into one of luxury.

When used with stone or wood, a touch of metal is all that’s needed. Such as the brass legs of the Victoria bar stool or the brass legs and handles of the Hertha chest of drawers.

However, you can flip the script too and have a largely metallic piece with wooden or stone accents. You don’t have to be as subtle here. For example, the warming glow of the Sydell open shelving unit in brass can make a statement in your living space.


  • Sydell

  • Coasters

  • Layton

  • Bordeaux

  • Terrazzo

  • Comet

As we’ve shown, this look pairs the natural world with elegant craftsmanship to perfection.

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