Eclectic Style: the interior unique to you

Eclectic Style: the interior unique to you

Eclectic style is different from most styles, in fact, it’s more of a whimsical mixture of styles. This striking aesthetic takes your favourite materials, patterns, textures, and even time periods and blends them together to perfection, it’s like an interior design smoothie. However, the best part about this look is that it’s entirely unique to you.

While on the surface, it may seem like this look is “anything goes”, it’s anything but that. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. It must look, and be, well thought out and styled with purpose.

If the basic ground rules aren’t followed, this look can easily devolve into a hot mess. So, to avoid that and to figure out how to mix jungle prints with bright and colourful neons, and do it tastefully, then read on.


A thoughtful mismatch of textures goes far in creating visual interest in an eclectic interior. Don’t be reserved, mix smooth surfaces with the rough. For example, placing a polished wooden coffee table over a shaggy floor rug.

The key to mastering textures here is to have one dominant texture. For example, you could have velvet be the main texture in the room by using the Charlotte armchair in the living room or the Elisa wing-back chair in the dining room and complement them with velvet curtains or other furniture pieces. Then contrast that with a leather cushion or footstool.

Or, if your room is mostly full of rougher fabrics and textures, then complete the look with the smooth black and brass metallic finish of the Parton half-sphere pendant light.

Bold Focal Point

An eclectic interior needs a focus to tie everything together. Perhaps the best way to do this is through an accent wallpaper. The more eye-catching this focal point, the better. It’s the main attraction, everything else around it should be there to complement it. Every item and design choice in the room needs to be taken into consideration as to how it will affect the overall look, and story, of the home.

Remember, the room still needs to be livable. So ask yourself, will it take away from the focal point? Will it make the room look too cluttered? Is there even space?

To create this focal point, you could take it to the walls with this bold neon love tropical wallpaper in pink and green.


Bold patterns are a mainstay in Eclectic interiors. Plain pieces and solid colours alone don’t work too well here, there needs to be eye-catching in the mix. This is where you really allow your personality to shine. For example, you create a luxury safari-chic look with the bold leopard print Marie stool or jump on board the botanical trend with the Juno green palm leaf print floor rug. The choices are endless!


  • Juno

  • Elisa

  • Charlotte

  • Effie

  • Parton

  • Heather

All in all, the key to keeping an eclectic interior looking stylish is a balance. This balance is achieved by choosing one texture, pattern, or colour be dominant and then having everything else in the room complement that, rather than have everything in the room competing for attention.

To cut it short, you want it to be loud, but not screaming. It’s a bit like a concert, you like the background noise and cheering, but above all, you want to hear the band.

Make the Look Yours

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