Design your Perfect Holiday Home

Design your Perfect Holiday Home

Holiday homes are such a treasure. Right from the sanctuary-like vibes to the comforting feeling of novelty. It allows people to slip right into the home within a day. That’s the beauty of these getaways. And our favourite part of holiday homes is actually bringing the whole feel of the place together through decor. That’s why we’ve got some helpful tips to help make your holiday home the perfect escape.

1. Lighting is key

Design Perfect Holiday Home- Lighting

The right kind of lighting sets the mood to the space. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a family vacation home, the lighting says it all. It makes rooms seem brighter and bigger which is an advantage. And make sure that there are plenty of large windows around. Large windows have a certain aesthetic in holiday homes because the surroundings aren’t usually apartment buildings like in the city.

2. Soak up in luxury

Design Perfect Holiday Home- Bathroom Wood Furniture

We mean that literally. Soak up in luxury. Splurge on a bathtub. Let every part of your vacation home be designed to make your life a holiday. Have a movie room with comfy seating and large screen TV. And of course, a surround sound system. These are the luxuries people love coming back for in vacation homes. A minibar near the kitchen would add a perfect touch of luxury.

3. Furniture your rooms right

Design Perfect Holiday Home- Furniture that lights your room

Picking out furniture for your holiday home can be quite the task. Because furniture is an expensive investment. Instead, it works out much easier to simply rent out the furniture. Furlenco has great options for almost every room in the house. Renting out furniture lets you change the design and look of the place accordingly.

4. Keep it stocked

Design Perfect Holiday Home- Stocked

The reason why people like hotels is that everything is available on demand. So when doing up your holiday home, ensure your kitchen is well-stocked with all sorts of necessary crockery and gadgets. Nobody wants to carry a toaster when they go on holiday. Make sure there are enough linens to change and enough towels. It’s the little things like these that people appreciate in a holiday home.

5. Take a holiday

Design Perfect Holiday Home- Holiday

The only way to make sure the holiday home is ready for vacationers is to take a holiday yourself. Turn off your work for a weekend and let yourself relax in the perfect holiday home catered to you. And if you’ve missed out something like perhaps adding an extra towel rack or keeping a refill of the detergent powder, you’ll catch it. We miss out on a lot of little things while concentrating on the bigger bits of decorating. But hey, this way you’ll get a sweet holiday out of it too.

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