Choosing the Right Refrigerator for your Home

Amazon bestselling author Kris Carr quoted that “Her refrigerator had an overall link to her well-being.” And why wouldn’t it? Your friendly neighbourhood kitchen buddy does such a great job in preserving your leftovers and keeping them fresh – it’s only right to pick the best one for your cooling needs. Here are a few tips choose the right refrigerator, from us to you:

Check the Capacity

Usually given in litres, a fridge’s internal capacity is the amount of storage space that it has for storing food. Check how big a refrigerator your kitchen can accommodate, how many members live in your house, and the amount of food you would see yourself storing on a daily basis. Keep in mind that a fridge that looks big on the outside might not exactly have as much of storage space inside, which is why you must take note of the capacity specified, and choose according to your needs. 

Internal Compartments

Check for the number of compartments, their size, and whether they can hold tall bottles. Sometimes, your fridge can overflow with utensils and boxes, or sometimes you might not even fill it half-way. Consider the shelving arrangement inside your fridge before you buy one. 

External Size

This includes the height of your fridge – which is important to contemplate if you are planning to let your fridge slide under higher kitchen cabinets or shelves above. Allow for a little room on the sides and the back so air can circulate freely. You’ll also have to take into account, how narrow or wide your fridge is, and how much floor space it will take up in your kitchen. 

Types of Doors

Are you looking for a single or a double door fridge? This brings us back to the capacity again, and if you want a top freezer or bottom freezer. Check whether you are comfortable with left opening or right opening doors – depending on the spot you’ve decided to keep the fridge. Furlenco has single and double door options on rent, to make your cooling worries go away!

Other Innovations

Lastly, consider what kind of highlights you would want your fridge to have – a display panel with controls on the door, a water dispenser, or auto defrost, one of the most sought out features while buying a fridge. 

Remember these tips while you are on the lookout for a fridge because it is the cool treasure chest which holds all the food that you love!

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