12 blogs of Christmas: Get your Dining Table set for Christmas!

12 blogs of Christmas: Get your Dining Table set for Christmas!

Hosting the Christmas celebrations is no mean feat! Balancing the cooking times with the events of the day is quite the undertaking- but it doesn’t need to get in the way of quality time with your nearest and dearest. 

Set the stress aside and get ready to gather around the table in true festive style with these home styling tips for the winter holidays. 

Start with the basics  

There are some things you can achieve days or even weeks in advance to make the big day run more smoothly. Tick all these boxes, and the only thing you’ll need to think about on Christmas morning are cooking times and presents! 

Ready the dining room  

Here’s where it all happens! Your dining table will want to look at its best- after all, Christmas is when it works hardest! Extending dining tables are perfect for family gatherings, offering space for the whole family when Christmastime rolls around. Give your table a good clean, even a sanding or polish if it needs it. Wipe a glass table with a dry cloth and then use class cleaner for that sparkling shine.  

A tablecloth or runner takes the décor up a notch, especially with more than one layer. Red fabric with white underneath is a simple way to set the festive mood! 

Spruce up your seating  

Avoid a last-minute panic by making sure you have enough seating for all your guests in advance. Dining benches are a great seating solution to squeeze people together if you’re short on space. If you don’t have enough matching  dining chairs for large numbers of guests, attaching ribbons or tinsel to their backs brings everything together nicely.  

Set your table to stun 

Check you’ve got plenty of crockery, cutlery and glassware long before taking the roast out of the oven! Make simple tableware look more festive with decorative napkins and create some named place-settings for a personal touch – this is also a nice way to make the seating process go smoothly when food is served.  

Deck the halls! 

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, you can start decorating! Whether you’re a fan of silver bells, glittering snow or bright, patterned wrapping paper, find the Christmas theme you’ll love to live with 

 Let it glow 

Twinkling lights can’t help but give that festive feeling. Adorn your dining table with fairy lights to set the seasonal mood or bundle them up into jars to place around the room. Ice white bulbs will provide a bright, modern look, while warmer lights are perfect for complimenting traditional deep reds and greens. If you want an even more traditional look, use candles to provide a magical flickering lighting for your dining table instead. 

Evergreen theme 

Deep green, wintery foliage has all the feeling of a classic Christmas. If you’re decorating on a budget, there are always branches of evergreens, holly and ivy available in hedgerows. Spruce up some hedgerow finds with some sprigs of eucalyptus or myrtle from a florist for a more modern look. Using found foliage also makes for a gorgeous Christmas wreath. 

Get the kids involved 

There’s nothing more endearing than a homemade Christmas, plus it’s helpful for the home on a budget. Let the kids lend a helping hand by creating some charming decorations and you’ll have the most Christmassy of homes in no time! 

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